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We are spreading Kindness across the country like it's confetti!

Thank you for being a part of our mission. You are awesome!

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Thank you for being a part of our mission. You are awesome!

We are a group of Chief Kindness Officers (and their parents) who want to create a kinder world. Make Kindness Contagious was founded on the principle that everyone is unique and differences should be celebrated. The simple statement, "If you are gonna stare... SMILE!" came from Lauren, who understands that people will look at her differently, because she looks different, but a smile changes everything. So it has become our mantra... because we know a smile can change the whole world. Our mission is to create "INCLUDERS" and build confidence through helping, sharing, and spreading kind words. One kind statement, action, or even a t-shirt, will make someone's day better. When you brighten someone's day, it is statistically proven that they will share and spread kindness to someone else. Kindness IS contagious! Your purchase today will make the world a kinder place - not only by being the reason someone smiles today - but because 100% of the profits go toward MKC events, charity, and actions that have real results in the community and with our children. Thank you for shopping. We hope your purchase makes you smile. Remember - wherever you see MKC...kindness follows!